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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday gave a first of a kind interview to Arnab Goswami. This was the first ever interview by a sitting Prime Minister to a private news channel.

The interview created a buzz across and there had been a flurry of reactions. One question that is making rounds on internet was; Why Arnab didn’t display classic Arnab tough questioning style in the interview with the Prime Minister.

Talking exclusively to NewsMobile, Editor-in-Chief, Saurabh Shukla, here’s  Goswami’s take on the question the nation wants to know.

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“They have nothing else to do but to discuss my debates and interviews”

“If there is a group that has nothing to do, but to discuss my debates and my interviews day in and day out without any fail or without getting exhausted, then I’m very flattered, it only proved how keenly they watch NewsHour and Frankly Speaking (with Arnab Goswami). So, I can only say, that for their loyal and very enthusiastic viewership, I’m very grateful and truly wish them all the very best.” he said when asked about his critics who were slamming his interview.

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“PM hinted at open divide between civilian and military leadership in Pakistan that was significant”

On being asked about the key news pointers from the interview, Goswami said, PM Modi hinted on the open divide between civilian and military leadership in Pakistan.

“I found it very interesting that the Prime Minister hinted at an open divide between the civilian and Military leadership in Pakistan, this is I think a very significant news point. He also said you should not look at foreign policy with a prism of ties with Pakistan.”

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Taking further about news points, he talked about Prime Minister’s stand on RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan and Subramanian Swamy controversy.

“He (PM Modi) alleged  his fellowmen in media on not noticing the massive snub against Subramanian Swamy, Black money in detail, the sin committed in Agusta was under security blanket was a hint to a political patronage,” Arnab said.

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On getting slammed by Kejriwal, Arnab simply termed Kejriwal as a ‘loyal viewer.’  Asked if the Prime Minister’s office had drawn a lakshman rekha for him or a line was drawn not to ask certain questions, he said, “I have done things in a way he wanted on all the interviews.”

Watch this video and share this to get a taste of frankly speaking with Arnab Goswami.

Click here to watch NewsMobile Exclusive Interview With Arnab Goswami

Here is full Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s full Interview to Arnab Goswami:



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