What’s cooking on Namo’s Xi soup in Tashkent


The Prime Minister will also have a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday on the sidelines of the Summit during which he is expected to seek China’s support for India’s bid for NSG membership, which Beijing is opposed to.

India is expected to use carrot and stick diplomacy, economic measures on Chinese companies if China doesn’t change its stand and creates roadblocks For India.

Companies, like Huawei, which have billions of dollars in trade to be impacted.

PM to tell Xi India can be a big market for China with new liberal FDI laws they have to decide now.

Emotional connect also on the cards as PM to remind Xi that he had walked an extra mile to create a bond of friendship and this stand by China will create a rift between the two neighbours.

China should realise that India can be a stable economic partner for India and there is enough space for both to grow.

Last week Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar was sent to Beijing to discuss the contours of this economic deal with China.

For the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, A membership to the nuclear suppliers group has become an important diplomatic milestone, and with the support of the US, France, and other leading countries the goal is achievable.

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