‘Udta Punjab’ LEAKED online

Udta Punjab, Leaked

In what could be another blow for Anurag Kashyap and the team of Udta Punjabsome parts of the movie has been leaked online and is available on torrent sites.

Reports are making rounds claiming that a major part of the movie comprising 40 minutes has been released, while others claim that the full movie is available on the web.

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If reports are to be believed, few websites have the entire film running on their portals.

While this news has shocked many, we wonder what would be the reaction of Anurag Kashyap after fighting it out at the Bombay High Court to release the film uncut.

Earlier, on Monday, the controversial flick based on Punjab drug menace, was cleared with ‘A’ certificate by Bombay High court with only one cut, as filmmakers did not agreed for 89 cuts proposed by CBFC, led by Pahlaj Nihalani.

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Here are some more shots from the leaked version:



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