Meet the immortal, legendary and beautiful Marilyn Monroe

“She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important—you know?” — Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, the legend who lived in the heights of fame and depths of loneliness, the woman whose life was a paradox.

An orphan in Hollywood less known as  Norma Jean once  becomes Marilyn Monroe, the movie star and celebrity ends with the mysterious way as she dies.

She battled a lonely and loveless existence with an absent mother. Despite the odds, Norma Jeane blossoms into a funny, smart and ambitious woman and soon reinvents herself to become the symbol of an era. A sudden death of her mother whom she cared for was the great secret of Marilyn’s life that Gladys remained a vital and troubling part of her world.

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The unconditional care for her mother and imprudent obsession for  President John F. Kennedy drove her over the edge and ultimately into an insane asylum. Never losing her edge, Marilyn Monroe gave the best performances of her life, successfully hiding her darkest secrets from the world.

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Some part of her life and career is widely known, while the rest lays shrouded in mystery. There are terribly tragic things in her private life that have always driven the masses into thinking about them.

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She had a disturbed childhood as her mother was mentally ill. She then proceeded to shove 7 year old Norma Jeane into a military duffel bag and just strolled out the door to leave. An Instagram post shows Marilyn with her mother.

An Instagram post shows Marilyn with her mother.

An even younger Norma Jeane, with her mother in this picture #marilynmonroe #normajeane #gladysbaker

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Nobody ever had a clue on who her father was as her mother. She once showed Norma Jeane a photo of a mustachioed man, identifying him as Charles Stanley Gifford, and said that he was her real father.

#marilynmonroe #clarkgable #themisfits

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One of the onlookers of her classic picture was Marilyn’s husband, baseball great Joe DiMaggio. He was not pleased. Marilyn was seen to have bruises on her shoulders and back. Unfortunately less than a month later, Marilyn filed for divorce.


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She considered herself to be an act, desperate to have a family and unable to maintain a pregnancy. But back then, before social media and reality TV, the public had no idea about how Marilyn was struggling because the most important part of her image was projecting a happy, sexy starlet.


Her fans and paparazzi believe something strange happened surrounding the circumstances of her death. Not to say her troubled past doesn’t add up to suicide… but there’s just something fishy about the whole thing.


The epitome of grace and beauty ended her life and rocked the world.

Marilyn in October of 1954, midst her divorce from Joe DiMaggio. It couldn’t be, could it?

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