Mumbai High Court Says ‘Udd’ to ‘Udta Punjab’


In its final verdict, the Bombay high court has asked the CBSF to give the movie an ‘A’ certificate. The certificate needs to be given within 48 hours and the movie would be released with one cut. The judge showed his dislike towards the liberal use of expletives in the film but he said that can be left only to the audience’s discretion.

The CBFC has created much controversy around the censoring and ‘sanitising’ of the moving. The Mumbai high court had said earlier in the day that it does not find Udta Punjab questioning India’s ‘sovereignty or Integrity’.

“Make cuts, don’t censor.” Said the HC.

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It also said that ‘Censoring’ a movie per se is none of CBFC’s job, it is supposed to grant certifications to movies and suggest changes if they go against the constitution and law.

“There is no mention of the word ‘censor’ in board. Board should use its powers as per Constitution and SC’s directions.


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