Bihar politician’s son shoots 19-year old for overtaking

Bihar politician's son shoots 19-year old for overtaking

Gaya: In an incident of road rage, 19-year-old youth was shot dead on Saturday after an argument broke up over overtaking a politician’s car in Bihar’s Gaya district.

On Saturday night, Aditya Sachdeva, a businessman’s son who had just taken his Class 12 exams, was in his Swift car with his friends when he reportedly sped ahead of JDU MLC’s son, Rocky Yadav’s Range Rover.

According to reports, the accused, Rocky Yadav, is a son of JDU MLC Manorama Devi.

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As quoted in a report a friend of the deceased alleged: “We tried overtaking their car, but they started firing shots in the air. They assaulted my friends, fired shots because of which my friend died.”


The security guard who was with Rocky in the SUV has been arrested. He reportedly told the police that the bullet was fired from the personal revolver of the politician’s son, “accidentally”.

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However, accuse’s father Bindi Yadav claimed that Rocky took out his pistol in defence, “My son was driving the car and those four persons in other car were drunk. They started overtaking his car and stopped my son on the way. They then pulled him out of the car and started beating him.”

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Yadav also claimed that during the scuffle, his son took out his licensed pistol in defence, but the trigger accidentally went off. “We respect the law and whatever legal procedure is there will be followed.”

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Bindi Yadav, jailed in the past for carrying illegal weapons, has been arrested for helping his son run away.

Meanwhile, JDU leader Ali Anwar said, “Anyone taking law in their hands will not be spared. Such people can’t be protected.”


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