Fashion Designer Wendell slams Madhuri Dixit, IndiGo for VVIP racism

Fashion Designer Wendell slams Madhuri Dixit, IndiGo for VVIP racism

Economy or low cost airlines have redefined the way we travel. From making flying affordable to helping us save time and effort, these airlines have come as a boon for travelers, isn’t it? But then, truth is, everywhere you go, you come across VVIP racism. You’d not expect to find it when you fly low cost, which is perhaps why well-known designer Wendell Rodricks got a shock of his life when under the searing sun, he had to wait to let a VVIP leapfrog the line and leave the others to fry under the merciless sun.

When Wendell was flying IndiGo (you know, famous for the ‘on-time guarantee’) from Mumbai to Goa, he didn’t expect anything unpleasant. When he observed a group of five jumping the boarding line and being escorted on a separate bus, he assumed that they were flying on a private jet. Then things were proceeding as usual till the time the flight landed. Now, passengers deplane based on their seat numbers, the ones sitting right in front leave first et al.

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Even as those set of passengers left on a jam-packed bus to the terminal and the rest of them had deplaned and were waiting for their bus, the same group of five got seated in an empty bus that veered them off to the terminal while the rest were left under the rage of the sun, despite a perfectly empty bus carrying just five could have been used. Upon asking, Rodricks learnt that the group of five was Madhuri Dixit and her friends.

The question that Rodricks raises is something that concerns all of us. Is Madhuri a VVIP? In her own rights, yes. But, if she has paid what everyone else in the flight has, which she had, then she has no reason to celebrate her VVIP-status. And if she indeed does want VVIP treatment, then she should either travel private, or opt for higher end airlines. If she pays like us, she gets the same treatment we do.

This VVIP culture has got to stop. Our hard-earned money has the same value as the currency oh-so-often flashed by celebs. Therefore, we are entitled to get the same services for the same amount of money. If that sounds like too much of an asking, then so be it.


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