HU turning into pressure cooker for VC Appa Rao

Do you know what Hyderabad is famous for? The Charminar? No. It’s ever-so-delicious biriyani? No. It’s language? No. Hyderabad is famous for its Hyderabad University, and yes, like suspected, not at all for the right reasons.

We don’t know of HU as the place to be when it comes to education (despite it being ranked as one of the best places); but for scribes, it’s the place to be for some scoop and for trouble mongers, it’s the place to be for their antics. Over the past couple of months or so, this fame has put its foot on the accelerator, sparked off by the controversial suicide of Rohith Vemula.

Since then, HU has booked its spot in the front page of every leading daily. There’s one person though, who’s in the uncomfortable thick of actions, so to say — Vice Chancellor Appa Rao.

‘Caste’ing Couch?

Since the time PhD student Vemula committed suicide, Appa Rao has been making news. First, there were allegations against him of encouraging deep-rooted caste discrimination on campus. This, students allege prompted Rohith to take the extreme step of taking his life. Students, in fact were so angry with Appa Rao that they even held hostage for hours.

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Breaking free

Students erupted in fresh riots on Wednesday as they demanded the removal of Appa Rao, also bringing up the fact that he has, in fact, transformed the University Campus into a jail. In their attempt to break free and push their point forward, students broke heavy security and barricades and demanded that he be sacked.

Plagiarism Problem

Fuelling demands for his removal is a whole new angle of plagiarism that Appa Rao has admitted to. He has apparently “cut and paste” six sentences in three research papers co-authored by him in 2007 and 2014. These parts names are Root Colonization and Quorum Sensing are the Driving Forces of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) for Growth Promotion and Induced Defence in Plants: A Short Overview.  

Overall, it doesn’t look all too good for Appa Rao as of now.


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