Tips to protect your skin during Holi

Holi Celebrated across the World

That time of the year is back when people in India prepare themselves for to welcome the spring season. It is a festival of unrestrained joy, which comes with the promise of warmer days and to new beginnings. As they flowers bloom during the spring season and nature is in full colour, people to immerse themselves in colour during the festival of Holi.

There are many for which the festival brings joy, but there are also other for whom the festival might bring a whole set of skin problems.

During Holi many people use colours on each other and some of them tend to cause irritation and allergies.
Here we are going to tell you a few tips on how to take care of your skin during holi.

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Wearing proper clothes – By wearing proper clothes we do not mean that you go and buy new clothes for the occasion, old clothes will do just fine. What we mean is that during holi, you should try to cover your skin as much as possible. The idea is to not let the mixture of colour; water and sweat collect on the skin, as it may lead to allergy and irritation.

Use of body lotion or oil – One the worst things about the festival of Holi is to remove the colour from the body. Sometimes people scrub their body so hard, that it causes rash, and hence, before playing you should always apply oil or body lotion so that the colours come off easily. The slickness of oil and body lotion will not allow the colour to retain on your skin.

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Taking care of the itching – If at any time during holi, you feel itching and irritation on certain areas of the skin, then wash the part with cold water. Once the irritation is reduced, use lacto calamine lotion on the affected area.

Use of moisturizer after bath – After you have taken a bath, make sure you have applied moisturizer all over the body for two reasons; firstly it will help retain the moisture in your body which has been lost throughout the day and secondly, it will help you to remove those colours easily which haven’t gone after bathing.

Keep yourself hydrated – Holi is a festival which tends to dehydrate the skin to a large extent. Keep sipping water throughout the time when you are playing Holi.

Lemon – If there are stubborn colours which are just refusing to leave your skin, then you can use lemon on them. Rub lemon on your skin, where the colours are sturdy. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and will help you to remove stains.

Holi is meant to be enjoyed and one is supposed to make memories out of it, however, there can be certain after effects which tend to ruin the festival of colours, hence it is important to take certain precautions beforehand and a few later in order to enjoy the occasion to the fullest.


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