What’s Ronaldo upto on the streets of Madrid?


People adore celebs. Everything they do, everything they say makes them fall head over heels in love with them. To them, celebs embody perfection. If a Priyanka Chopra would swish past us, we’d go gaga over her glowing skin and her hourglass figure, but if a girl next door, equally beautiful, passes us by, we wouldn’t give two hoots.

If a Katy Perry would belt out one of her songs on a stage, even if it’s mediocre, we would be on cloud 9. However, a random stranger beautifully rendering a song wouldn’t make our heads turn.

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That’s sad reality. Talent is only appreciated when the celebs exhibit it. There are times we ignore an extraordinarily talented person, just because he ‘JUST’ there on the streets. To prove this, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo took to the streets, disguised as a bearded man, inviting people to play with him. To his surprise, except for a couple of people kicking the ball once, no one bothered to stop by, appreciate or participate.

It was a kid who began playing with him, when Ronaldo signed the ball for him and revealed himself. Needless to say, only a Cristiano Ronaldo could have pulled the kind of crowd that swelled up seconds after reality struck people around.

Watch the video here:

Sadly human beings love associating only with famous people. Ronaldo the football legend disguised himself and proves that.

Posted by Lucy Tene on Sunday, 10 January 2016


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