#JatReservation: Cheat sheet Day 4

After days of reservation violence the situation seem to be headed for a turnaround with the government agreeing to provide reservation to Jats in addition to the 27% for the OBC’s.

Many incidents took place in the state of Haryana along with parts of Delhi-NCR. At least 10 people lost their lives and 100 got injured.

Here is the current situation:

  • Protestors have blocked 2 crossings in Gurgaon, toward the old Gurgaon side.
  • 5 Convoy’s of RAF & CRPF moved from Delhi to Gurgaon.
  • Yamuna Expressway blocked near Matura.
  • Wide spread violence in Haryana.
  • Sukhdev Dhaba and Haveli attacked by mob.
  • Water Supply in Delhi impacted.
  • Schools closed in Delhi and most likely in Gurgaon as well.
  • Over 1000 trains impacted. Flight charges are sky rocketing.
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    Inputs from Organizations

  • Based on the inputs received, majority of the organizations are planning to keep the BAU approach in the morning & will take it up as the situation unfolds during the day.
  • GGM1

  • Some organizations are trying to get employees in the office before 8 or 8.30 am.
  • Organizations are also making arrangements to keep the food supplies stocked up for any emergencies.
  • Medical services to the offices are being strengthened to ensure smooth operations incase of emergencies.
  • GGN

  • Critical operations in few organizations are being split between Noida / Gurgaon or other cities like Hyderabad, Pune & Bangalore.
  • Timeline

  • In 2009, the Jat Arakshan Samiti was formed, that demanded quotas for Jats.
  • Since 2010 there have been instances when they blocked some rail links to Delhi and protests turned fatal.
  • In 2013, the government of Haryana gave 10% quota for Jats under the special backward class category.
  • But they wanted benefits in central government jobs and universities.
  • The UPA government, before the general elections in 2014 gave them the status of OBC (Other Backward Class) and gave in to their demands.
  • In 2015, the Supreme Court cut the central quota, saying Jats did not appear to need the benefits.
  • The Punjab and Haryana High Courts stayed the state quota as well.

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