National Flag to fly at all universities

National Flag

In a move to instill nationalist feeling, the HRD ministry in a meeting held on Thursday decided to make it compulsory for all the universities to fly the national flag. The meeting was attended by 46 vice-chancellors of various central universities.

Even measurements of the flag were decided. According to media reports, the flag must be hoisted at a height of 207 feet. The decision to hoist the national flag is of significant importance as it comes at a time when the nation is embroiled in the debate of nationalism and anti-nationalism.

Many people are looking at this decision to impart patriotic feeling among the students and youth in particular. The national flag at CP is also hoisted at a height of 207 feet.

The first flag will come up at JNU which has been the centre of action for the past couple of days because of the so-called anti-national protests and slogans and the subsequent reaction to those protests of the government and fringe political groups.

A spokesperson of the ministry informed that the flag will be put up “proudly and prominently” at the central place in the university.


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