9 facts about Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna’s ‘psychopath’ abductor

On February 10, Dipti got down at the Vaishali metro station and took a shared auto-rickshaw to get to Ghaziabad bus stand from where her father picked her up everyday. The auto broke down near Mohan Nagar and other passengers got down there. She was abducted by 4 men from there.

Narrating the incredible tale behind the motive of Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna’s abductor, the Ghaziabad police revealed that he had stalked her 150 times in a year as he was obsessively infatuated with her.

Ghaziabad Police arrested 5 people in connection with Dipti’s abduction. Here are 10 things Ghaziabad SSP Dharmendra Yadav told the media:

  • The prime accused and the mastermind in the Dipti Sarna abduction case is Devendra, a criminal on the run, after he escaped from a jail in Kurukshetra.
  • When in jail, Devendra read Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and was impressed by Hitler. He was also inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s character of an obsessive stalker in Yash Chopra’s 1993 movie Darr.
  • Devendra had a one-sided love affair with Dipti and had been stalking her for a while, and has followed her more than 150 times. He had even followed Dipti till her home once.
  • A psychopath in all possibilities, Devendra had been planning this abduction before finally executing it on February 10. He had purchased two autos to kidnap her from outside Vaishali metro station on February 10.
  • Devendra played a hero in front of Dipti and tried to win her trust by saying others had ill intentions but he won’t let them harm her. He did not inflict any physical harm on Dipti and even bought her food.
  • He thought Dipti would fall for the man who is protecting her during a crisis and was confident she would agree to marry him.
  • Devendra’s plan was to take Dipti to Nepal, marry her and live there.
  • The abductors and Devendra even knew about Dipti’s favourite brand of chips.
  • The SSP referred to Devendra as a psychopath and a hardcore criminal.


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