Tips for you to stay safe after work

In the wake of Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna going missing and then finally being found, there are again a lot of questions being raised on how safe are women, especially the ones who choose to help their careers flourish.

Yes, there are many of us who are ambitious and brave, yet, the conditions under which Dipti disappeared make us wonder what if we have to go through the same thing.

Quitting jobs and staying put at home is no solution, obviously. But then, being smart and being aware of surroundings is a must. NewsMobile tells you of some best practices that can keep you safe and your family relieved.

  1. Carry a small knife or blade, Funny as it might sound, I always keep one, not because I can kill and flee in case of an emergency, but because its presence makes me feel a bit safer. Keep it in a place where it’s quickly accessible so that you catch take the miscreant on the backfoot and use that brief shock to escape to safety.

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  3. Always make a note of auto and cab numbers, text it to a couple of family members. It helps track people well.

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  5. Move in groups. Even if you feel a certain route would be crowded, go for it than trying to save time by taking a shorter, more dangerous route.

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  7. Car/vehicle pools are the best for office commute. Check for options because they’re safer and more responsible.

  8. Stay confident. Don’t look scared. It won’t help.

Stay safe!

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