Delhi’s Odd-Even to be implemented from April15th

Delhi’s Odd-Even to be implemented from April15th

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced that the Odd-Even plan will be back and it will be implemented for a period of two weeks, beginning from April 15th. This will be the second time that the plan will be implemented.

The first time the plan was implemented there was a significant drop as far as the traffic congestion during peaks hours was concerned. When the plan was implemented for the first time, there were many exemptions; VVIPs, women drivers and two-wheelers were exempted from the plan. But this time around there is a high possibility that the VVIP’s might not be exempted from the rule.

Kejriwal had also announced that by December end 3,000 public buses will be added in order to improve the public transportation system. Kejriwal also said that making the rule permanent is feasible only when the public transportation is made better.

The Delhi government had done a poll and 81% respondents were in favour of the Odd-Even plan.


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