Why Kala Ghoda is India’s best Art Festival

Kala Ghoda

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival is one the most well known and visited art festival in the country. It is a festival where one can expect anything and everything. It is a kind of a utopia for those who love art in all its forms. Many believe that it is meant only for those who belong to Mumbai, but that is just so wrong, it is a festival where everyone can join in.

Kala Ghoda

Here we give you reasons why the Kala Ghoda Art Festival is one the best in the country –

It happens in Mumbai – Mumbai as a city is much more vibrant than any other metro in India. The place where the art festival takes place is South Bombay, one the plushest areas in the country. A walk through Sobo will take you back to a different time. The venue is surrounded by buildings and places which were and still are culturally essential to Mumbai. From Jehangir Art Gallery to Max Mueller Bhavan and the National Gallery of Modern art, all will add to the experience.

A multi-facet festival – From painting to abstract art installations, from book readings to film screenings, The Kala Ghoda Art festival has something for everyone. The festival will tickle your brain.

Kala Ghoda

Artists from all over the country – The Kala Ghoda Art Festival is an amalgamation of all the artists from India. The festival attracts artists and craftsmen from the entire length and breadth of the country. They come to this festival to showcase their work. They also get a good amount of exposure in the festival as they get to interact with a lot of world-class artists and craftsmen.

All kinds of patrons are found here – The Kala Ghoda Art festival is such a place where you will see and meet people from all walks of life and taste. There is something for everyone here. From writing workshops, to group discussions of films and even families who come with their children have a nice time.

Kala Ghoda

A platform to showcase talent – It is a unique platform where one can showcase his or her talent no matter how unsure that person is. Here you will meet artists of all kinds, those who are already established, those who are trying to make their name and those who are somewhere in the middle.

The Kala Ghoda art festival is one festival which you have to visit at least once in your life time. With so much colour and vibrancy around you, you just cannot give it a miss.

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival will begin on February 6th and end on February 14th.


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