Selfie craze kills one more: Schoolboy run over by train in Chennai

In a shocking incident in the selfie obsessed world of the new generation, a 17-year-old was run over by a train between Vandalur and Ooorapakkam stretch on Sunday evening when he was trying capture a speeding train behind him while taking a selfie with his friends.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening when the boy was trying to take a selfie with a train as the backdrop, a report in the Deccan Chronicle said.

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The victim was identified as one Dena Sukumar, a plus-2 student of Poonamallee Aringnar Anna government higher secondary school.

Chatting by the side of the tracks, the teenagers were taking photos of each other and selfies using smartphones when they saw an EMU from Beach to Chengalpet approaching and decided to take a thrilling selfie with the speeding train in the background.

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The death of the youngster came a few weeks after two youths drowned in theNarmada in Madhya Pradesh while trying to take a selfie. Prior to that, a man and a girl drowned in the Arabian Sea in Mumbai — the man was trying to save the girl who had slipped into the sea while trying to take a selfie.

Following the incident, Mumbai police banned selfies in 16 spots identified as dangerous.

Raising an alarm over the issue, a recent report on such deaths around the world and published in the Washington Post, said that out of at least 27 “selfie-related” deaths around the world last year, about half occurred in India.

(With inputs from Agencies)


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