NewsMobile’s wedding mantras

Marriages are made in heaven, but the planning and run up is to be done here. While this can be a very exciting phase not just for the bride and the groom, but the family as well, yet, it may turn out to be a stressful period also.

There’s so much to be done, after all, it speaks volumes about the family, especially in a country where weddings are a status symbol.

To ensure that there’s nothing going haywire on this big day, all you need to do is be a bit organised and more importantly, plan smartly. As the wedding season’s here, NewsMobile brings you quick tips to keep the stress at bay.

Plan your invites

Remembering people while the invites are being sent out is an arduous task. During my wedding, my mum had a simple funda — trees. She’d make family and work trees/charts and tie all ends so that no one would get missed out.

Have a timetable

Most wedding-related stuff happens right before the D Day, which is why it’s important to chart out a clear timetable so that none of the essential preparations are half-baked owing to lack of time. For example, freeze two dates for the parlour visit, a couple of days for shopping, another couple of days for other activities and so on.

Budget every cost

Wedding is all about the moolah flying out of the window, but somehow, after the whole event is over, there are many people who don’t quite know how much they spent and what exactly they spent on. Therefore it’s essential that you maintain proper accounts. Have a budget for everything and try to stick to it.

Have a colour scheme ready

For my wedding, the entire shopping (my outfits, relatives’ outfits, return gifts) were all done in three hours flat. Yes, thanks to my mum’s brilliant planning, we not just ended up saving time and money, we also saved a lot of efforts.

My mum had asked me to choose two colours for each occasion and because I already had done that inside my head, choosing my costumes was a cakewalk.

Packing and planning

I can’t help but go back to the way my mum had planned things. Unlike many people who get married in the city they live in, my wedding took place in Kerala, so we had to travel a month in advance from Guwahati and set shop there.

Thanks to the huge number of bags we had, we also ended up having multiple locks and keys. My mum had given us two locks each with a number written on a piece of paper stuck to it and a set of keys with the corresponding number. She had the master set with all the keys. Simple, eh!

Travel plans

Keep a diary with everyone’s travel dates and modes (train/flight/bus details). Also keep phone numbers and emergency numbers handy. Plan the pick-ups and drops in advance so that there is no confusion or delay.

Weddings are about having fun and stealing the show, but they’re also about being organised and not messing up. Gear up, plan out and have a lot of stress-free fun! Good luck!


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