Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick mantras for startups

Image Courtesy: Forbes

Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick opened his presentation to a thunderous applause at the ‘Startup India’ initiative by the Indian Government on January 16th.

Kalanick’s talk lasted about 20 minutes and in that time, he took the local entrepreneurs through his journey from being a geek to an entrepreneur champion. There were a few take away from his speech at the Vigyan Bhavan.

Here we bring you a few start-up mantras from Travis Kalanick –

Be a quality Geek – If you are a geek then be a quality geek. Before starting his presentation, there was a picture of a toddler in front of a computer. This he referred to his childhood and said, “I have always been a geek and started at a young age. My dad was a civil engineer and growing up as a geek was not easy for me.”

Find something broken and try to fix passionately – Uber came out of an idea when Travis wanted to get a ride in Paris but couldn’t find a taxi. This is what prompted him to start a cab service which would provide people instant cab service. There was a problem both for consumers and the drivers. Through Uber he wanted to solve the problem.

Be analytical and creative – No matter how much computing you do, if there is no creativity, it won’t matter. Travis said, “Computers can compute anything. But without creativity what they compute, doesn’t matter. When both come together, it brings joy and that can be a game changer.” He also cited the example of Uber Ice Cream, where the delivered ice creams via drones.

Know the difference between reality and perception – Travis said, “Go against the grain, be resilient even if everyone thinks you are crazy. When you see the difference between perception and reality, you better be right otherwise things can backfire”. Successful entrepreneurs are good at understanding risks and modifying them.

Create a good story – Although the company should focus on technology and its products, in order to connect to the customers’ one should have the ability to tell a good story. Travis said, “Elevate your storytelling from just a taxi ride to the story of life and its meaning. Learn how to hustle – #AlwaysBeJugadding! There are ways to sell things with honesty, passion and integrity. While Uber is about transport you can still inspire people with good story”.

Have a Champion’s mindset – Travis advised the entrepreneurs to put in whatever they have into what they love, nothing less. He said, “Put everything you got on the field. If you have energy left in you, you have failed. And if you keep getting back up after being knocked down, it is impossible that you will fail.”

He concluded his speech by saying, “Whatever you do, you have to enjoy the ride”.



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