Man falls into gutter, sues Mumbai Corporation for 1.5 Crore

Mumbai: Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has been sued for Rs. 1.5 crore by 51-year-old man, who slipped into a partially covered manhole in Mumbai’s Carter road and fractured his leg.

Vijay Hingorani, a 51-year-old business development strategist, fell into the gutter after slipping from a partially covered manhole near Otters Club on November 29 last year and fractured his leg.

Seeking damages for alleged negligence, he claimed that because the manhole was not covered completely, he accidentally fell into the gutter and broke his leg.

He also lost a job opportunity to work for a firm in Bengaluru where he was offered attractive remuneration with bonus and accommodation with effect from January 1 this year, according to the notice sent by his lawyer Laxman Kanal.

Hingorani, who was immediately given treatment at nearby Holy Family hospital soon after the incident, has asked for Rs. 1.5 crore compensation from the civic body as medical expenses, physical injury and loss of livelihood.

The lawyer said his client was hospitalised for a week during which a steel plate was inserted in his leg. After being discharged, he was bed-ridden for another week and advised six months further rest as a result of which he could not take up the new job offer in Bengaluru.

Kanal said that Hingorani had vast experience in jewellery business, apparel and accessories and had expertise in business strategies and development. As a result of the injury caused by falling into the gutter, he lost a good job opportunity.

The civic body is responsible for maintaining and repairing all the manhole covers in the city and replace them if they break, said Kanal, adding that “this is a case of sheer negligence and hence compensation must be paid to his client failing whom they would seek legal remedies.”

(With PTI inputs)


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