Cricket celebrations you don’t wanna miss

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Cricket is a sport of emotions. It’s a sport in which the nation pins its hope on the squad. Success is significant and in the heat of the achievement players come out with altogether different ways to celebrate their success. Whether it’s a century by the batsman or a wicket by a bowler, celebrating that moment brings a smile on the faces and sometimes players come up with weird ways of celebrations.

So we bring you the weird celebration by cricketers on the cricket field:

Ross Taylor’s “tongue poking” celebration

New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor pokes his tongue out every time he scores a century. Later he revealed that his habit of poking his tongue out to mark a century is for his daughter Mackenzie.
The first time, he brought out the celebration was also against Australia, when he scored his second ODI century in 2007 in a record-breaking run chase at Eden Park, Auckland.

The is team spirit

Being a teammate doesn’t only mean sharing the dressing room, it also means to share a special bond and this is what is seen in this celebratory video. Watch Brett Lee invent a weird way of celebrating and then Gillespie copying it:

Jason Gillespie’s horse style

When we talk about weird celebrations, this one surely deserves a place when Jason Gillespie actually wanted to ride his own bat after reaching half century.

Oppa Gangnam style!

Gangnam style the dance style, broke all the internet records in 2012, and after that it was just everywhere and entered the cricket grounds around the world. So check out the best ones:


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