Time Magazine releases list of 25 Best Inventions of 2015

Are you a technology geek? If yes, then you will certainly love this wonderful list of the best inventions from the year 2015, as compiled by Time Magazine. Even if you are not a geek, but look forward to technology that simplifies your life, then this awesome list has plenty for you.

Check it out:

1. The Hoverboard Scooter

2. The under Ground Park

3. The sensor that sniffs out gluten

4. Bionic ears

5. The superior stethoscope

6. The headset that helps you hack life

7. Power pasta

8. The desktop DNA lab

Juno, the desktop DNA lab, brings down the time required to ‘amplify’ DNA from 24 hours to just three hours. Isn’t that some progress?

9. Housing that welcomes the homeless

10. The transparent truck

11. The next-gen baby monitor

12. An airport for drones

With companies testing drone-based deliveries, there needs to be a home base. The airport takes care of that concern.

13. Period-proof underwear

14. The bed in a box

15. The virtual brush and canvas

16. Shoes you can tie with one hand

17. The pan that teaches you to cook

18. The book that filters water

19. The ocean vacuum

20. The personal pollution detector

21. The ball that teaches kids to code

This toy syncs with a mobile app, which lets users program, and see how their program affects lives in real life.

22. All access virtual reality

23. The musical instrument that anyone can master

This instrument, Artiphone, can mimic the sound of dozens of instruments, and also how they are played.

24. The meanest, greenest driving machine

25. The toy that talks back



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