‘Whatsapp’, dear colleagues!

While on one hand, technology has connected us well and we are more ‘social’ on networking platforms than otherwise, there are times when we feel that the same technology has made our lives effortless in more than one ways.

Today, we spend most of our time on our smartphones. Whether in office or at home, we always tend to keep checking our phones way too often to check if there is any new notification on mails or whatsapp or twitter etc. But do we realize that by and large we are more concerned about the whatsapp notifications owing to either personal messages or official conversations.

Whatsapp now is not just a tool for chatting between friends or relatives, but its role is now amplified to an important instrument in the scenario of office communication as well. Most of the organizations today have whatsapp groups of team members who exchange texts amongst each other for official purpose. The office group on the messenger not only act as a platform to convey important information but also helps as a forum for discussion of new ideas.

Here are some of the reasons why people might prefer whatsapp as a tool for official communication:

Share your information instantly: If you want to pass on any piece of information in seconds and also want to reach out to more than one person at the same time whatsapp becomes your handy tool. And you know the best part, you don’t have to jot down long pointers and think of grave, very pro sounding lines to send your information. Just type in your content in as fewer words as possible and send it across.

‘KISS’ is the formula here: Yes, Keep It Short and Simple. While you might enjoy writing long sentences over an email, whatsapp is a place where you need to write crisp and short sentences to convey your thoughts or information. You don’t have to type long text messages or emails for conveying every small little thing. Just open your whatsapp; type in your message; send it to the group and you are done.

Informal way of communicating formal stuff: If you are new to an organization and don’t know the email protocols yet, whatsapp can come to your rescue. If your team has a whatsapp group you can just introduce yourself there and speak up your thoughts or send in your cues. If there is some information that requires everyone’s attention instantly, whatsapp can do the trick for you as it delivers the text in seconds.

Your typos are not always unpardonable: While it is almost a grave sin to make typos in the emails, you are not considered that big a sinner if you make small typos here and there on whatsapp. But yes your tonality does matter. So, even if you are conveying an important message over whatsapp you need to ensure that your message is taken in the same tonality as intended by you.

Forum for bouncing off ideas: There are times when you have an idea in your mind that you think might contribute to company’s growth and you want to share it with your seniors but you don’t want to write an email for it or discuss it face to face either because you are not very sure if it would fit in the company policy, then whatsapp can help you. You can bounce off your idea in one or two lines over the group chat. Sharing your idea on the group will also help you understand what other think over your suggestion and someone else may also add on to your thought to make it a bigger and a better idea.

The very idea of office communication is changing faces with the growing technology. There are many tech tools today which can be used for enterprise messaging which might simplify your life in a much bigger way than you can possibly estimate and whatsapp is one of them. So use it to your advantage but here is an honest advice for you it is a forum to discuss work but not delegate.


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