A high-five for these WiFi names!

A high five for these WiFi names!

WiFi networks make our lives simpler. Instead of being tied down to one spot, they offer us the freedom to take the laptop to any location within the WiFi radius, and work, or don’t.

But, did you know that you know that WiFi names could open up limitless possibilities of messing up with your annoying neighbor, or telling him/her something that you couldn’t say upfront. Pass an important message, or warning, and all your neighbours will be left wondering if it was for them.

Here is a list of 10 epic WiFi names that could be used to piss off your neighbours:

1. Your music is annoying

music wifi

Subtle, direct and to-the-point

2. Your grammar is more annoying

grammar wifi

An awesome comeback and suitable if you want to take it to a personal level

3. Stop stealing my morning newspaper

newsp wifi

Ya guys, seriously!

4. Pick up your dog poop

dog wifi

Please, I like you pet, not his poop

5. Stop using our internet

internet wifi

Like seriously. Get your own stuff, okie?

7. Don’t be so so loud during sex. I CAN HEAR YOU.


That difficult message which is hard to pass. Loud, just like the sex, and clear as well!


ear plug wifi

When the shameless neighbor responds.

9. No Justin Bieber at 3am please

belieber wifi

This should become a new state law

10. You are downright ugly

ugly wifi

Ok, maybe this is too much

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