RSS murdered Gandhi for preaching tolerance: Azam Khan reminds PM

Samajwadi Party leader and Uttar Pradesh Minority Welfare Minister Azam Khan slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for saying during his trip to the UK, that there was no intolerance in the land of Mahatma Gandhi.

Khan said, “People abroad wanted an honest answer from the Prime Minister about the rampant intolerance in our nation and he used Buddhism and Gandhism as his defence. But when Buddhism started spreading in India, a ‘Mukti Movement’ had begun, slaughtering all the Buddhists and you can see what the RSS did to Gandhi. This is not the answer and he needs to give an response that the world will accept.”

On Thursday, while addressing a query on intolerance from the UK press, PM Modi said that even a small event in any corner of the country was treated seriously. He later said in his joint statement that India was the land of Gandhi and Buddha, and intolerance would not be tolerated at any cost.

“Any event in any corner of India – it doesn’t matter if there are even one or two incidents – we will not tolerate it and the law will deal with it strictly. It does not matter whether such an incident is significant for a country of 125 crore people. For us, every incident is serious. We will not accept anything that goes against our social values,” Prime Minister Modi said in his statement.


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