Four months after suicide, ‘failed’ student found to have topped class

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Two girls, one boy commits suicide after NEET result

Srinagar: And this is how a small mistake can take one’s life as a 17 year-old electronics engineering student had committed suicide in Jammu and Kashmir but four months on a re-evaluation it was found that he not only passed the subject but topped his class.

The “callous” evaluation process has left the parents of Mohammad Adnan Hilal numbed, who feel that it is not a case of suicide but “murder” as their son actually secured 48 marks in Physics and not 28 as declared earlier.

After re-evaluation, Hilal, a first semester student of electronic engineering at Government Polytechnic College in Srinagar, scored nearly 70% aggregate marks in the first semester of the course, making him the class topper.

In Jammu and Kashmir, 33 out of 100 is the minimum marks required to pass an examination. Declared failed in Physics, a subject his family and friends claim he had mastery over, Adnan committed suicide in June soon after he checked his results on Internet. He jumped into River Jhelum and his body was fished out four days later.

Shattered by the loss of his son, Gilkar, recalls how his son had told him that he had answered all the questions in the Physics paper with ease.

“When Adnan returned in the evening on the day of his examination, he informed me that he did well in Physics paper. He told me there was no continuation sheet at the examination center so he had to write the rest of the answers on another answer sheet. He was confident that he had done well,” Gilkar, a guest faculty at Institute of Management and Public Administration (IMPA), said.

After the death of his son, Gilkar applied for re-evaluation of his son’s Physics answer paper and was pushed further into grief as Adnan was declared pass in the paper. The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of Technical Education (JKSBOTE), while admitting it as a “mistake”, said, “such things happen in other universities as well”.

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