Why BJP can do without this loose cannon

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Kailash Vijayvargiya has a nasty habit of speaking out turn, and particularly nasty things too.

On a day when the top brass of his party was in a huddle in the national capital to analyse the Bihar loss, all that the leader could do was make another senseless comment, which would give the media enough fodder to hammer his party.

This time, at the receiving end, is his own party colleague Shatrughan Sinha, who Vijayvargiya has compared to a dog.

Sinha is miffed at the party for sidelining him in the Bihar poll campaign, and has been speaking out against the BJP for some time. Today, he also met Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav.

According to some accounts, Sinha may be sacked by the party soon after the Diwali festivities come to an end.
This is not the first time that Vijayvargiya has shot to the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Only last week, he berated actor Shah Rukh Khan, saying that he ‘lives in Hindustan, but his soul resides in Pakistan’. Khan had recently spoken about the ‘intolerance’ in the country.

Vijayvargiya has also had his past trysts with controversy. Sample these:

1. “Women who cross their lakhman rekha will be punished”, on Delhi gang-rape and murder.

2. “Forget that journalist who died. Is he more important than I am?”, on the death of journalist Akshay Singh, who was investigating the Vyapam scam.

3. “For us it (Vyapam) is a chutput (small) scam. It may be big for you,” on the Vyapam scam, at a time when it was hurting the BJP nationally.

4. “Women should dress in such a way that they evoke respect in others. Their fashion, lifestyle and conduct should be in accordance with the Indian culture. But, unfortunately women are dressing up provocatively, which is leading to deviation in society,’ on the infamous Guwahati molestation.

5. “I don’t believe that corruption would end in country. I am a practical person and I don’t agree with such things. Do whatever you want but it should be in limit so that no one can known,” on corruption in the country.

Now, Vijayvargiya is no Sangh Praivar loony, who one could write off as part of the fringe. He is the party’s National General Secretary, for crying out loud. There needs to be some accountability somewhere. Someone in the BJP needs to educate Vijayvargiya about the merits of silence.


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