Modi addressed 30 rallies in Bihar, but results not proportionate: Sena

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray (File Image)

Bharatiya Janata Party’s(BJP’s) ally in Maharashtra, the Shiv Sena, hit out at the saffron party on Monday morning with an editorial in its mouthpiece ‘Saamna’.

Reacting to the BJP’s rout in the Bihar polls, the editorial said that the lesson to be carried home from the Bihar polls is ‘humility’. It said, “We are grounded. Those who were not, had to bite the dust.”

It attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi by saying that though he had addressed 30 rallies, the party could not even win 55 seats. It also took BJP chief Amit Shah to the cleaners for his comment saying that crackers would go off in Pakistan if the BJP lost Bihar.

In a sharp rebuttal, the Sena said, “We don’t know about Pakistan, but crackers have burst over Nitish’s victory.”
“Bihar verdict has given a message that politeness is not only an ornament of the one in power but also a weapon to defend,” it added.

Raking up the past, the Sena said that in Maharashtra Assembly polls, the Prime Minister and all ministers camped in the state, yet the Sena won 63 seats.Earlier on Sunday Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray had called up Grand Alliance leader Nitish Kumar, to congratulate him for his success.


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