PM Modi’s Diwali gift for J&K: 80,000 cr financial package

PM Modi addresses a joint rally with PDP in Srinagar today. This is the first big rally after BJP-PDP alliance in Jammu and Kashmir.

All routes leading to the venue have been sealed, and ordinary people are not allowed in the area before the rally. CCTV cameras have been installed at many places, while the control of the rally stage has been handed over to the Special Protection Group. A central control room has been set up which will monitor all vehicles entering the city today.

Here are the key highlights from his speech:

PM Modi: I have got the privilege to visit Jammu and Kashmir so often. This land draws me here.

PM Modi: When this land experienced pain, I would also experience pain & I came here, we worked with the then state government.

PM Modi: When Diwali came last year, it would have been easy for me to celebrate with friends in Delhi, but I decided to come to J&K.

PM Modi: All parts of India must develop. Every citizen of India’s support & every part’s progress is required.

PM Modi: I have seen in my life no matter how big the challenges are, they can be overcome.

PM Modi: Kashmir has suffered a lot over the years, generations have seen their dreams being crushed.

PM Modi: People of Kashmir are strong and resilient, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to come out of bad times.

PM Modi: Everyone said India would never catch up to China. But today, they all say India is not only catching up but leading ahead of China.

PM Modi: We will give 80,000 crore package to Jammu and Kashmir.


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