Meet the real life ‘Roadie’ family!

111 days. 11 countries. 1 family. 1 epic road trip.

If you’re wondering what these numbers are all about, we’ll go back to the beginning. The Baid family — daddy Anand Baid, mommy Punita and children Yash and Dhriti embarked on a trip that not just saw them having fun, but also saw them escaping death by a whisker.

This family undertook a road trip. From India to France. They started from Bangalore on the 8th of April this year and took exactly 111 days to reach Paris, their destination. Their 10 pit stops were at Nepal, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

An as adventurous as this trip sounds, it took a lot of preparation. While Anand had quit his job, Punita had taken a sabbatical and they had taken special permission from the kids’ school to make sure that they could undertake this trip.

This trip wasn’t just a pleasure trip. They were in Nepal when the deadly earthquake happened. Yet, they lived and lived to tell their amazing journey.


All in their Fiat Linea.


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