Bruce Willis pokes fun at Donald Trump’s hair on TV show

“Die Hard” star Bruce Willis mocked Donald Trump during a visit to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

The 60-year-old actor sported a blonde wig reminisce of the Republican presidential candidate’s hair.

“What’s going on with the hair?” Jimmy Fallon asked his guest.

“It suddenly has just seemed to grow exponentially, and I was a blonde when I was a kid,” Willis responded.

The host then showed clips of the actor sporting the blonde hair in his iconic roles in such movies as “Armageddon”, “Die Hard”, and “Pulp Fiction”.

“How exactly do you comb it?” the comedian jokingly asked Willis.

“Right to left,” the actor deadpanned. “Depending on the wind, really it just handles itself.”

He also explained who he kept it in shape. “It’s like a dune and a little water slide in the back,” Willis said.


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