Wanna know if your partner is a cheater?

Falling in love or being in a committed relationship is a very common thing nowadays. But do you know before stepping into a new relationship there are certain things which has to be kept in mind?

Yes, I know love is blind but it shouldn’t be so much blind that it should leave you with a feeling of regret or with some tears in your eyes.
So, before dating someone, think twice and read these scientifically proven reasons, which can actually act like a boon to you and you can’t avoid some bloopers while choosing your right mate.

NewsMobile brings you a list of such types of people who likely to cheat in a relationship:

Social Media freaks:

Believe it or not these guys have more tendencies to cheat while being in a relationship because their life is no less than a social media platform itself. According to the study, most of the divorces, break-ups are due to this reason only. People start double dating or flirting which is not accepted by their partners and eventually they decide to end their respective relationships.

Tall Guys:

I know, tall guys look attractive and hot at the same time but guys trust me when I am saying this, tall guys have more chances to ditch you as compared to any other average height guy. The ones who are 5’10 or above have more tendencies to cheat than any other guy. After all, it is rightly said that all that glitters is not always gold.

The Shopaholics:

Yes, these are the ones who are also no way behind when it comes to cheating. And especially girls who are more into shopping and are always dressed in order to impress someone has more chances to ditch their partners as compared to a normal girl. It’s been also stated that the main reason behind these girls to be ready all the time is that they want others to notice them and appreciate them like always.

The ones whose age total is 9:

Yes, this might come as a strange thing to you but it’s true, the ones who age number ends with a total of 9 has more tendencies to cheat as compared to others. For example: 27, 18 etc.

The actual Wannabes!

You must have seen such kind of guys who are all the time in their ‘fake avatar’, have more chances to cheat as compared to others. They even have their best of best outfits before going to bed and are always seen in their fake accent while talking to anyone. They have ample of time to talk or blabber about themselves, they believe in flaunting than what they are in real.


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