Tips to stay fit this festive season

Brace yourselves, Gulab Jamun is upon us. It’s that time of the year again where you have ‘son papadi’, barfi and ‘rasgullas’– the Diwali delicacies- waiting to be gorged on. This is a very hard time for fitness freaks as even the strongest succumb to temptation saying:” Ek baar toh aata hai saal mai.”

Though you can sense the upcoming kilo overload, here are some secrets to help you enjoy the festivities and stay fit!

Eat, not gorge

‘Barfi/laddoo/rasgulla toh kha lijiye’ will follow you wherever you go till the festive season ends. And we are not saying that you deny these offerings.

Have some, take a bite and then stop. Avoid sweets during night time and follow the universal rule of keeping your dinner light.

Make sweets at home

‘Ghar ka khana’ conquers all and the same goes with sweets as well. Use natural sweeteners like dates, jaggery, honey or figs in sweets instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can also minimise the ghee in the recipe and use aromatic flavour enhancers like saffron, cardamom, rose water etc to refine the taste. Taste bhi aur health bhi!

Keep yourself hydrated

Avoid soft drinks when thirsty and drink loads of water. Not only will it help in flushing out toxins, but it will also fill you up keeping those unwanted cravings at bay.

Plus, continue your affair with green tea as it is a very good antioxidant. Even if you are going out, ask for green tea instead of colas or tea or coffee.

Sweat it out

We know it is difficult to take out time to workout during this time of the year but it surely does help the cause. Even if you are not able to hit the gym, climb stairs, do skipping or walk more. Taking out an hour to burn calories at the gym ensures smooth sailing.


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