Norwegian fish exporters look to tap Indian market

Norway’s export of seafood has reached a new high. As the second largest exporter of seafood globally, Norwegian exporters cater to markets all over the world and now they are looking towards the promising and growing Indian market.

There are no formal constraints to the seafood trade between India and Norway, which means there is great potential for further relations between the two countries within the seafood industry. However, the potential is not yet realised and there is tremendous scope for improvement.

India was a good market for Norwegian Salmon until a roadblock hit the trade and there was no export of Norwegian fish to India for 3-4 years. After some fruitful & constructive discussions between both the governments in April 2013, the necessary certification for export of Norwegian fish was approved and things began to roll again.

Last year (September to September), the export has gone up by 7% to $450 million.

Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) have been working together to promote Norwegian fish in India more rigorously.

From helping Norwegian seafood exporters with market analysis and partner search in India, to hosting annual events to showcase Norwegian seafood, Innovation Norway and NSC are helping the growing interest in this sector.

A research done by the NSC also indicates that there is an increasing interest for seafood among the urban, Indian middle class. Several Norwegian fish exporters will visit India in November to further examine the potential of the Indian market.

They will also attend the annual Seafood dinner in Mumbai and participate in an Ocean Industries seminar being organised by Team Norway in India, including the Norwegian Business Association (India), the Embassy and Innovation Norway.

In 2015, Norwegian Seafood Council and Data Driven Marketing Asia (DDMA) conducted a consumer research project, and together with Innovation Norway, a retail study is being planned for 7-9 Norwegian seafood exporters.

One of the concerns in this regard will be the high duty structures for Norwegian fish in India. However, with the EFTA negotiations ongoing, its exciting times ahead for Norwegian seafood exports to India.


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