Divorce over WhatsApp, help sought in court

Thiruvananthapuram: Remember that lady from Kerala who got dumped by her husband over whatsapp? That 24-year-old Muslim woman in Kerala was married for only 10 days.

“My husband sent me a message on WhatsApp saying talaq, talaq, talaq. He then called me and said the same with God as a witness and mailed me too,” said the woman.

Do you know what reason he gave behind the decision? “One may be interested in apples, but will also want to eat mangoes.”

She has now complained to a women’s commission court in Kottayam in September 2015.

Not just this, she has also claimed that her in-laws harassed her and has appealed the women commission to help her track down her husband, who she believes is in Dubai.

The 32-year-old man in question is Ajmal Basheer.


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