Google app to help users with public transport in Delhi

New Delhi: Google has introduced an android app called Delhi Public Transport Offline that helps the users navigate using public transport in Delhi.

The app allows the users to get around using bus and metro routes and supports DMRC Metro, DTC buses, Gurgaon Rapid Metro and DIMTS Orange buses. The users can also view bus and metro timetables and receive notifications about Delhi transit news and metro delays.

Google describes the Delhi Public Transport app, which was created by the Google Maps team, as “experimental” and “designed from the ground up to make it easier for Delhi residents to get around on public transit.”

The app aggregates public transport information from Maps, and other Google services, and packs them into a dedicated app that lets you look up Metro and bus timetables and directions, plan routes, check schedules and receive news updates about service issues.

The app is small — less than 1MB — and information can be saved offline.


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