Grievance redressal to go online in Lokayukta office

The Office of the Maharashtra Lokayukta is all set to initiate the process of accelerated grievance redressal by making the registration online, Lokayukta of Maharashtra, M L Tahiliyani, said.

Addressing a meeting of Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC) recently, Tahilyani, a retired Bombay High Court Judge, said his office was working on a more efficient grievance redressal mechanism that would be characterised by three features, namely, quick access to redressal, making redressal less expensive and less time-consuming.

Grievance registration would be made online soon, the Lokayukta said. He regretted that people, especially honest citizens, suffer due to deficient services of various government agencies.

The Lokayukta while describing how delay and corruption feed on each other, said, “Delay (in rendering services) causes corruption and corruption causes delay.”

Tahilyani wanted prosecution and punishment to happen on time and highlighted that any inordinate delay would defeat the ends of justice. “The Lokayukta has adequate powers to act,” he asserted.

Flagging two issues — allegations (that are corruption prone) and grievances (that reflect deficiency in service) — Tahiliyani remarked that corruption can be reduced if those involved are made more accountable.

Welcoming the Lokayukta of Maharashtra, president of IMC Dilip Piramal said the Chamber was instituted a century ago to promote trade, commerce and industry. IMC’s theme for the current year is “job creation through skill development,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, J F Rebeiro, former Mumbai Police Commissioner and Head of IMC’s Anti-Corruption cell, said corruption in public life had reached such depths that ordinary citizens find it hard to tolerate.


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