Jenifer Aniston features in Emirates’ new advert

Jenifer Aniston features in Emirates' new advert.

Hollywood actress Jenifer Aniston will be seen in the new commercial of giant air carrier Emirates.
The airline on Monday released its first look of the new ad starting Jennifer Aniston which will feature in its $20 million global advertising campaign.

Dubai airline on Monday released a couple of teaser images of the advert on its Twitter account, ahead of the official unveiling of the one minute clip on YouTube.

In the new commercial, the 46 year-old actress is onboard an aircraft looking for the shower facilities. Cabin crew, inform the star there are no shower facilities or bar on the aircraft.

The advert ends with Aniston in the Emirates A380 bar, where she sip on a drink and asks a male cabin crew member if there is any way the plane could circle around for another hour.


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