‘Dadri’ is the next ‘Babri’; will raise ‘communal violence’ at UN: Azam Khan

Uttar Pradesh Minority Welfare and Urban Development Minister Azam Khan on Monday said that he would take the issue of rampant communal violence in India to the United Nations and also appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop those who are spreading violence and communalism across the country.

“PM Modi has opened the world to India after he insulted Indians by addressing our problems and policies in America. So, we are going to show the other side by highlighting the communal tension in this country. The UN is not capable of doling out justice and we know that, but the world needs to know this,” Khan told ANI.

Khan further said the Prime Minister is creating an image that India is uncultured and rife with corruption, which is why he will raise the issue of minorities being targetted.

“We will mention that the Muslim community is being targetted and being exposed to disrespecting language and uncivilized behaviour. The human rights of Muslims are being violated and an environment of fear is being created. Preparations to make India a Hindu nation is in full swing,” Khan said.

Referring to the Dadri lynching case, Khan said Prime Minister Modi needed to address the issue of communal violence and added it was high time that concrete action is taken.

“If simply on the basis of rumours this amount of destruction is capable, then the situation has progressed from dangerous to alarming. But Modi ji remains silent and keeps backing violence instigators,” Khan said.

Meanwhile, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) also urged Prime Minister Modi to break his silence on the Dadri lynching case.

“A person has died in Dadri and today is the sixth day. Now, the Prime Minister should end his silence and speak on the matter. The whole nation is looking at him, the people want assurance that no one would be murdered in this country again for eating a particular kind of food. I request the Prime Minister with folded hands to end his silence and meet the victim’s family members,” AAP leader Ashutosh told ANI.


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