Before ‘K’ word, Pak should explain its PoK horror

Before ‘K’ word, Pak should explain its PoK horror.

Delhi: In a video that has exposed Pakistan’s hypocrisy, people in large numbers in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) are seen protesting against the Pakistani establishment and demanding freedom.

In the video exclusively available with CNN-IBN, the youths are seen shouting slogans of azadi (freedom).

As per the report, the people are angry at the lack of development in the region and are heard demanding jobs and other basic rights.

The protests against the Pakistani establishment were reportedly held in several areas of PoK, including Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Kotli.

They are also heard talking about human rights violation and misbehaviour with their women.

Youths are also seen in the video saying that those who refuse to join jihad from PoK are picked up by the ISI.

Protestors said on camera that the Pakistani establishment had no right to use force on them and some went on to add that India is better than the neighbouring country.

The video clearly shows that anti-Pakistan protests are on the rise in PoK and the Pakistani force is using brutal force to quell rebellion in the region.

The PoK residents added that India was better than the neighbouring country.

The report said that the protests were not sporadic or one off as the crowds seen in the video were huge and there was also major presence of Army and the police in the region to control them.

It has to be noted that Pakistan recently cancelled the NSA-level talks with India claiming that no peace process can be initiated without Kashmir being discussed. After such a claim is this what Pakistan has to offer to the people of Kashmir?


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