Amma returns, claims RK Nagar

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has won her election to the state legislature with a  margin of 1.5 lakh votes.

Her victory from the constituency of RK Nagar, in the capital of Chennai is proof enough that her popularity hasn’t fizzled out despite her arrest.

Her nearest competitor in today’s election, C Mahendran of the Left, lost his deposit.

She was disqualified as a legislator in September, when she was found guilty of acquiring vast wealth during her first term as Chief Minister in the 90s. In May, her conviction was overturned by the High Court in Karnataka, where she has been tried to ensure the case is not prejudiced by the politics of Tamil Nadu.

Her acquittal allowed her to return as Chief Minister, though the Karnataka government has appealed against her in the Supreme Court.

The RK Nagar seat she won today was held by her party, the AIADMK. The legislator from the constituency resigned so that she could contest the election.


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