No Abu Salem, no life!

Mumbai: It’s not impossible for someone to fall in love with a gangster, like we’d told you earlier. A 26-year-old woman has approached the special TADA court seeking permission to marry gangster Abu Salem, who is facing trial in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case and is lodged in a jail.

She is so head over heels in love with the guy that she has now threatened the TADA court, saying that if she won’t be allowed to marry Salem she will kill herself.

In her six-page application, Sayyed Bahaar Kausar claims to have been completely devastated and distressed because of her reported nikaah with the gangster on board a Lucknow-bound train in 2014.

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“I have been defamed and my name and image has been tarnished to a great extent. My life has become difficult … no other alternative is left for me, except to get married to Abu Salem and if not then to commit suicide,” said Kausar in her June 15 application to the TADA court in Mumbai.

“I have taken the bold step to get married to Abu Salem…and permission be granted so that I can get our names registered with the registrar of marriages, Mumbai… and to allow him to attend before the registrar for half-an-hour or so for completing the said procedure of getting married and nothing beyond this. So that at least I will be saved from the taunts, names and disrespect from the society,” Kausar said in her application.

“If at all I get married to someone, I do not expect my husband to be good to me and that he will not question me about the news report and if there is any petty issue, I will be tortured as to how my photograph came along with Abu Salem. Nobody would understand the real cause behind it that it could have been morphed,” Kausar said.

Why the wedding craze?

Insisting that her decision to marry the imprisoned gangster was more of a compulsion, she blamed the police for excessive persecution by circulating the “morphed” photographs of her with the gangster.

The present situation, she claimed, has only made her ineligible for marriage as her husband would always view her with suspicion and link her to Salem

Who is she?

Sayyed Bahaar Kausar is presently staying with her mother, maternal grandfather and her elder brother. The family is believed to have endorsed her decision to tie the nuptials with Salem.

A commerce graduate from a local college, the 25-year-old has sought permission of the court for Salem to be brought to Mumbai at the office of the registrar of marriages to sign on the documents and formalize their nikkah under the Special Marriage Act.  



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