Down, but not out: Accused dig their way out!

New Delhi: When accused are put behind bars, they always create a hypothetical situation inside their head to someday carve out an escape route and embrace the air of freedom. If that sounds too filmy, then here we go!

In what could be a daredevil stunt, two undertrials dug a tunnel in the country’s most secure prison, Tihar jail, and managed to escape.
One of the prisoners, Faizan, has been caught but the other, Javed, managed to run away. Both were in jail for burglary, the police said.

The undertrials, who prison authorities are yet to identify, slipped out of sub-jail 7 to another which is connected to the perimeter wall. There, they dug a tunnel under the wall and escaped.

Their absence were noticed only on Sunday night after they failed to respond to their roll call. An alert was immediately sounded and a search led the jail officials to the tunnel.

Delhi Police has been alerted, and its officials are are now searching for the missing undertrial.

Tihar Central jail has a three-layer security and houses several high-profile inmates including politicians like former Delhi law minister Jitender Singh Tomar and accused Naxalite Kobad Ghandy.

The incident comes weeks after a stunning jailbreak in New York caught the world’s attention. Two convicts escaped in that incident, one of them was later shot and the other is still at large.


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