This monsoon, embrace the best of nature!

If the mystic aroma of wet soil makes you feel rejuvenated, if you love to feel the lashing monsoon breeze on your face, if the thundering clouds are melody to your ears, you need to get out of the concrete jungle this monsoon and take a break in the lap of nature in midst of drenched trees, foggy walkways and soggy surroundings.

Newsmobile brings to you a list of places you can head to this monsoon.




This is a majestic place to visit any day, and during monsoon, it’s unforgettable. Low cloud cover, tea- plantation strolls and rolling hills and valleys rife with streams, Munnar is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala and one heck of a monsoon getaway.



The monsoon magic of Mahabaleshwar is hard to resist. The spurting waterfalls and the greenery are breath-taking. Watching Lingamala Waterfall disappear and reappear because of the mist is the most beautiful part of visiting during rains.



If your heart arches for heavy rains, then Alleppey is the best place to visit in the monsoon is the season when the backwaters are in full swing and it is the time for snake boats to rumble them.



This place greets you with gushing waterfalls, low lying clouds, soothing winds and lush green forests. Monsoons are the best time to visit Shillong to witness its eternal beauty.



This lake city give you the best of all weathers. A trip to Udaipur, Rajasthan will not only give you an opportunity to appreciate the rain, but also walk over the clouds when you visit the Monsoon Palace, which is a hilltop palatial residence overlooking the lake Fateh Sagar. It offers a panoramic view of the city’s lakes, palaces and surrounding countryside.


Andaman Nicobar Islands

This is one of the best monsoon and Eco-friendly tourist’s destination for monsoon. Monsoons add to the paragon of beauty present in the landscape, dense forest, best wildlife and tribal tour.



Along with this enthusiasm, rains cast a spell of magic on nature, there are many reasons to visit Goa during monsoon. Some of its popular festivals like Sao-Joao, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul and Bonderam Flag Carnival falls in the rainy season and thus brings a fresh breeze of liveliness in the surroundings of this tiny bliss.


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