Cricketers and their lookalikes

New Delhi: They say there are at least six persons in this world who more or less look like you. If you notice, there must be at least one person among your friends who has a lot of similarities with a celebrity, a personality, or a historical figure.

The ‘ordinary people having identical looks with celebrities’ is amazing but what if you get to see celebrities having identical looks with the cricketers.

News mobile brings you a list of cricketers who look alike famous celebrities.


Dale Steyn and Daniel Craig

One’s an assassin on the field the other on screen.


Ishant Sharma and Bryan Ruiz

Is Ishant competing with Fulham and Costa Rica midfielder Bryan Ruiz? Who is better at beating the defence?


Mohammad Asif and Gianluigi Buffon

Both have the similar looks and both of them were doubted to be involved in a fixing controversy.


Paddy Upton and CM Punk

Rajasthan Royals coach (right) treats people, the other beats.


Damien Fleming and Aiden Gillen

One plotted the downfall of openers and the other plots that of the Kings.


Herschelle Gibbs and Pitbull

Both make people dance to their tunes when in full flow.


Last but not the least – Lasith Malinga and Omkar Das

We guess these guys separated after birth or what?


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