Govt rejects airlines’ proposal to charge for check-in baggage

New Delhi: The Ministry of Civil Aviation has turned down a proposal of airlines to charge for check-in baggage while providing incentives for passengers who travel light, according to a news channel report.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has recently received proposals in this regard from as many as three low-cost carriers.

A senior DGCA official said SpiceJet, Indigo and AirAsia approached the regulator with the idea of ‘zero baggage fare’, whereby passengers having no check in luggage would be given a discount on the ticket.

However, other airlines, including full-service carriers, are also in favour of ‘zero baggage fare’.

Such a system would do away with the current practice of passengers being allowed to carry up to 15 kilogram of check in luggage free of cost.

That would also mean that travellers would soon have to pay for every kilogram of check in luggage.

In April this year, DGCA had allowed domestic carriers to unbundle their services and charge separately for facilities such as preferred seats, meals on board and use of lounge.


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