Freida launches first global cinema ad campaign

Indian-origin Hollywood actress Freida Pinto along with actor Chiwetel Ejiofor and filmmaker Richard Curtis today launched the world’s first global cinema ad campaign, aimed at raising awareness of the United Nations’ goals for sustainable development. 

It is a part of the Global Goals campaign, “Project Everyone”, founded by Curtis.
The ad #WEHAVEAPLAN will be screened in more than 30 countries across the world including India.

Pinto, 30, and Ejiofor, 37, joined Curtis and creator of the ad Sir John Hegarty on stage at a seminar, Cannes Lions, to share their views on how cinema can be a powerful medium in driving social change.

Curtis called on the media community in Cannes to join the founding team to promote the new global goals for sustainable development.

“I would love everyone to get behind the mission to make the goals famous. We are targeting every website and billboard, every TV and radio station, every cinema, every community, every school and every mobile phone network with the task of carrying a simple message about the goals for the 7 days after they are launched,” Curtis said.

The campaign is backed by Sawa, the global cinema advertising association.


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