This “UpStart” and its publicity stunts

New Delhi: You know, being in your 20s can just sometimes give you a head rush which is more frequent than any other age group, thereby provoking you to do all kinds of things. These are things that one would perhaps look back at an older age and slap their foreheads about.

As a case in point, let’s talk about Rahul Yadav. Yes, the same Rahul Yadav who’s been the toast of social media for a while now. The guy quit. Now, people have their own choices, their needs which dictate actions such as these, no questions asked.

However, Rahul Yadav, ex CEO of, didn’t JUST quit. He embarrassed the living daylights of his colleagues, instantly becoming a sensation.

If that was a problem, then our young gun wasn’t done. He came back and did it again. Yes, reportedly, the dude has quit, again! Uff, Rahul, we are tired of your antics now, and honestly, we aren’t even interested in what you’re going to do next. You publicity stints make you look like an ameteur, making us smirk, not even laugh.

The guy had gone all charitable, donating all his shares to his employees, making it an absolute bonanza. But just when we thought he was being human, he lost our vote of trust by challenging the CEO of Zomato to do the same.

I mean come on, grow up. Publicity stunts work once, but when repeated, they just become stale and stink of pure immaturity. Seriously, dear Rahul, please control. Now, you won’t even land yourself a job!


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