Maximum city, maximum chaos

Mumbai: Mumbaikars on Tuesday woke up to heavy rainfall once again. According to rainfall recorded by the BMC automatic weather stations city recorded 38.19mm, eastern suburbs 49.40mm, western suburbs 53.68mm of rainfall in 24 hours.

There was water logging at several parts of Mumbai like Milan Subway, Hindmata, and Sion Road No-24. Heavy rainfall in several parts of Mumbai from the night of June 18 has witnessed over 300 tree fall complaints being recorded with the BMC disaster management with two deaths having occurred after trees fell of two persons.

Trains services on Central, Western, Harbour and Trans-Harbour lines were delayed due to rainfall. Overhead high tension wire that was snapped at Dadar station early in the morning delaying trains is now repaired by railway officials. Earlier, all slow train between Dadar to CST were diverted to fast track. Central line trains were delayed by 20 to 30 minutes. Trains on Western lines are running few minutes late. On Harbour line and Trans-Harbour, line trains are delayed by 10 to 15 minutes.

This is the second time in a week that heavy rains paralyzed Mumbai and threw normal life out of gear. Since last week, heavy rains hit the city, bringing the life to a standstill. Services on all the three lines were stopped after flooding in low-lying areas. Normal services expected to be resumed only by Friday.


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