It’s antique, it’s Antilla!

Apparently,  the world’s most expensive house, Antilla is the 27-story mansion owned by Mukesh Ambani – the chairman of Reliance Industries. Its estimated cost is around $2 billion and it was built over a span of 4 years. The building is about 570 feet tall and has interior space of over 4,00,000sq.ft. Nita Ambani herself took a very keen interest in the construction of the house and was involved at every level, making sure she added her own personal touch.

NewsMobile brings for you a few must know things about this mansion.

– It is named after a mythical island ‘Antilia’ in the Atlantic Ocean and is the highest structure in Mumbai.

– Since some ceilings are double the height, the structure is closer to the size of a 40 story building.

– Not only does the structure contain 9 elevators, 3 helipads, an underground parking for about 160 cars and a movie theatre with a seating capacity of 50, but it also has 600 staff members who reside in it and take care of its maintenance and running.

– Two design motifs – the sun and the lotus are repeated throughout the mansion in rare materials like crystal, marble and mother-of-pearl.

– There is an outdoor patio near the swimming pool and yoga studio, along with a spa, gym, dance studio and temple.

– The building also features an ice room where one can escape the Mumbai heat to a small, cooled chamber dusted by man-made snow flurries.

– There is even a 4 story open garden.

– Antilla’s shape is based on Vaastu and has the unique feature of having no two floors alike in look or feel to the quality and type of materials used.

– The ballroom ceiling is 80% covered in crystal chandeliers and the electricity bill of the house is said to be approximately of amount Rs 70 Lakh.


(The author is a student of The Shri Ram School Aravali, and is a Newsmobile Mobile Journalist)


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